Ethical Investing and Socially Responsible Investing SRI in Adelaide


Do you want your Superannuation invested in ways that are considered Ethical or Socially Responsible Investing (SRI)?

Did you know that you can exclude specific industries from your Superannuation investments so that your investments are in line with your investment and personal goals?

If you want your Superannuation investments to exclude polluting industries, gambling or other industries, then make a time to discuss the alternatives with the Adelaide based team at Roe’s Financial.

Ethical and socially responsible investing SRI have a proven history of solid returns and there are now many options for investors and your superannuation.

Let our Adelaide based team guide you through the options.

Would you like to exclude coal from your superannuation? Would you like to invest in technology that helps society and the environment? The ethical investment, socially responsible investment SRI may be for you.

If socially responsible investing is of interest to you and you want to invest in a way that is both ethical and profitable, come in and meet one of our Adelaide team and discuss the alternatives and your own personal situation.


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