Retrenchment and Redundancy – What To Do?

Retrenchment and Redundancy Advice

Getting retrenched or receiving a redundancy payout has some major considerations. Nothwithstanding the major decisions you have regarding your future, you need to get sounds financial advice on your entitlements and what the tax implications are on the retrenchment or redundancy payment.

Roe Financial are experts in assisting our clients who have received a redundancy or retrenchment package in Adelaide. We will work with your to determine how best to use your redundancy paymeny in consideraton of your current financial situation and your long term financial future.

In some cases redundacy or retrenchment payments have a number of different components. Roe Financial will sit down with you and explain what each component is, estimate its tax liability and explain the implications of the various options available to you.

Get expert advice on managing your redundancy or retrenchment package in Adelaide.

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