Australia Post Super Scheme

APSS or Australia Post Defined Benefit Superannuation Retirement Options Defined

  • Do you have Australia Post Super Scheme APSS?
  • Have you worked for Australia Post? Or do you have an Australia Post Agency?
  • Did you know your Australia Post Super Scheme APSS may have a Defined Benefit Superannuation component?
  • Did you know that from July 1 2012, Australia Post and its associated employers no longer offer membership to the APSS defined benefit superannuation?
australia post superannuation seminar

Understanding the Australia Post Super Scheme

Our team of advisors at Roe Financial have experience in advising clients who are current members of the Australia Post Super Scheme APSS and the Australia Post Defined Benefit Super Scheme. We have experience in assisting Australia Post employees to use their Superannuation to set up retirement pensions and maximise any Centrelink retirement benefits, and then get stuck into enjoying their well-earned retirement. In both cases with the Australia Post Defined benefit component, and the Australian Post Super Scheme APSS we have been able to advise on how these funds may be able to provide a retirement lifestyle and give some clarity as to how long the funds may last and help with lifestyle planning. In each case, this has provided peace of mind around their decision to retire from Australia Post.

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