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Statewide Super

Statewide Super is a South Australian based industry superfund. This industry fund has a long history in South Australia and has continued to grow and modernise itself as the industry has changed.

We have many clients that have Statewide Superannuation. Roe Financial are accredited Statewide Superannuation Financial Advisers. We can provide you advice around Statewide Super investment options, whether you have Statewide pension or Statewide Superannuation we can assist. Statewide Superannuation is one of the few funds that have a South Australian focus in terms of their management and head office.

We are proud to be an approved statewide superannuation financial adviser partner. As authorised Statewide Superannuation advisers we can work with you to ensure you have the right retirement strategy in place, optimise any centrelink entitlements and ensure you have enough money for retirement, so you don’t have to worry about your retirement and can focus on enjoying your retirement years.

Roe Financial are Statewide Super financial planners and financial planning partners

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